• Our Product Plants Trees

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon air filter polyester media naturally deodorizes the air by adsorbing and eliminating household odor's, and has virtually no added air resistance.

Save Energy

It's Recycled!

Proud Partner of One Tree Planted

Every Filter We Sell a Tree is Planted. Join the 10,000 Tree Challenge!

Automatically Delivered

No more forgetting when you changed your air filter.

No more forgetting your filter size.

No more special trips to the store.

Created with Care

As consumers, some of us are making a conscious effort to live more “green.” What does that mean? Green products have a less environmental impact compared to their counterparts on the market. Some are recyclable or compostable, and others are actually made from recycled products. Not only are they non-toxic and often biodegradable, but they also help reduce pollutants in nature. Additionally, eco-friendly products help conserve energy, which is a key component of our Pure Green furnace filters with their low-pressure drop rating.