Pure Green Plus Carbon Air Filters

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  • Pure Green AC Furnace Air Filters is made from environmentally responsible non-woven high loft, antimicrobial filter media.
  • The MERV 6 rating has a lower pressure drop, minimizing energy consumption while maintaining a high dust holding capacity.
  • Pure Green filter media is fine gauge fiber polyester media with two layers of fiber density allowing depth loading and high efficiency.
  • The filter media is derived from recycled pop bottles and the outer frame is a beverage board made of recycled paper products, therefore making it earth-friendly.

Three ways Pure Green is purely green!

  • 1. Proper MERV results in less energy consumption by the HVAC system
  • 2. The Air Filter Media is recycled pop bottles and may be recycled again, depending on your recycling facility.
  • 3. The Air Filter Frame is made of recycled paper products and is biodegradable.